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3 Key Questions to Ask When You Need Storm Damage Repairs

After a severe storm, the first thing you want to do is make sure that all members of your family are safe. The next thing you want to do is check your home to find out if it suffered damage (if there was no immediately obvious damage that you saw happen during the storm). Whether it’s a big or small repair that you need, it’s important to hire honest and trustworthy contractors in Houston, TX, to repair your home while avoiding the would-be scammers out there. Here are three questions you can ask to help you separate the two.

1: What’s Your Local Address and Phone Number?

A local company is far more likely to be invested in the community and probably won’t try to cheat you (although it’s not a guarantee). A company that is sending “storm chasers” from outside of the state or from another county to drum up a little extra business is less likely to care about their long-term reputation, which could mean anything from poor customer service to outright fraud. Ask for a local (physical) address and a phone number and verify them before you hire a company.

2: Are You Insured?

Insurance coverage is perhaps the most important way to protect a homeowner against the potential for damage or other costs if something goes wrong during the roof repairs in Houston. Check that your contractor carries both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance, and that they are insufficient amounts that you won’t be stuck with a bill when the insurance money runs out.

3: What Do Your Past Customers Say About You?

Word-of-mouth advertising has long been one of the most accurate ways to measure the quality of a roofing contractor. Even if you don’t know someone who has personally worked with the contractor(s) you are considering, you can ask for a list of referrals or past customers. You can also go online and read reviews, keeping in mind that competitors might be trying to get the upper hand by leaving overly negative reviews, or dishonest contractors might be trying to boost their own reputation by leaving overly positive reviews. It’s best to talk to customers yourself in person to find out about their experience working with this company.

Start with these questions to ensure that you get the highest quality contractor and can hire them at a fair price to repair your Roofing In Houston following a big storm.