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Quality Solar Solutions & Energy Saving Packages in Spring & the Greater Houston Area

The Eldridge Way can offer top-notch energy-saving packages because of our creative energy programs. Each package is specially created to provide the finest energy solutions while staying within the means and means of each client. We concentrate on generating and conserving your energy requirements.

Our specialized energy solutions include battery backup systems, solar photovoltaic panels, and much more. By utilizing cutting-edge solar technology, we can create a scalable system that outperforms and outlasts more conventional older systems. So, if you’re seeking solar solution assistance in Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Cypress or any of the other cities in our Greater Houston service area, call us at 832-957-9696 or click here.

Cost-Effective & Energy Efficiency

We offer the ideal cost-effective alternative for using sustainable energy to run your home or company. Our energy solutions reduce our clients’ energy consumption by 60 to 80 percent. The architecture of the solar systems that we develop is aided by the decrease in our clients’ energy consumption. This helps to keep the core goal of achieving energy independence for every client while also lowering the cost of the solar system.

Cutting-edge technology and tremendous cost savings are yours to enjoy when you choose a solar solution for your energy necessities, thanks to the many rebates, credits, and deductions currently in place. The greatest and most impressive strength of solar is the additional free money it may bring you or your company.

A Quality Contractor Will Save You Time & Money

Safe. Simple. Sustainable

How to Achieve Energy Independence

You shouldn’t have to feel powerless to cut your spending in the tumultuous economic climate of today. Helio Solar exists to assist you in controlling your energy costs while contributing to the well-being of future generations. We’re here to work with you in the long run through our no-nonsense approach to renewable energy and attaining carbon-neutral status. We will perform a thorough analysis of your house or business’s energy use, offer straightforward solutions to significantly lower costs, and then use solar energy to completely eliminate the need to purchase any further energy from the utility. If you have further queries about our Helio solar solutions, call us at 832-957-9696 or click here.

Our Approach

“The design and development of our carbon-neutral renewable energy solutions is of utmost importance to me as I researched the industry and chose the very best solutions for Texas’ homes. The Eldridge strategy includes seeking to reduce the demand for carbon sources first and foremost, then engineering a carbon-neutral solutions to meet the reduced needs. This is best for our clients and best for the environment.”

— Mikee Eldridge, Owner & Founder

“We’ll keep you and your assets safe by installing only the most advanced carbon-neutral systems available by licensed & certified installation professionals.”

— Unwavering Commitment to Safety

“Years of experience in the design and installation of solar PV & HVAC systems has allowed us to develop a simple, repeatable path from quote to completion. And a customized client portal will give you live updates every step of the way.”

— Simplicity in Design

“On top of the tax and utility incentives available for renewables and geothermal systems, a 25+ year system will pay for itself more than 3x over the initial investment, even when financed.”

— Sustainable Business Practices