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4 Problems Homeowners Encounter When Hiring Storm Damage Contractors

Unfortunately, there are some storm damage contractors out there that, after a major storm in the Cypress, TX area, will come in and try to take advantage of homeowners with poor quality roof repairs or outright fraud. The best way to avoid this is to know what some of the red flags and problems might be that could indicate you are working with a less-than-trustworthy roofing repair company.

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Having storm or hail damage in Cypress, TX can make you feel nervous and anxious about getting the roof repaired. The problem comes when a contractor is trying to pressure you into signing a contract or paying money upfront for storm damage repairs. Don’t let roofing repair contractors take advantage or scare you into hiring them immediately. If you’re getting pressured, it’s best to say no and move on to another contractor.

Out-of-Town or Out-of-State Contractors

Most of the time the repair contractors that are trying to drum up business and may not be completely honest are the ones that don’t have a local address or a local presence. If you work with a company that is locally owned and operated, they are part of the local community and (hopefully) don’t want to build a reputation for poor quality work or dishonesty. Someone coming in from another county or state is often there to make quick money and doesn’t care much about the reputation they leave behind.

Promises That Seem Too Good to Be True

As with most things in life, if your roofing contractor in Cypress, TX is making promises that sound a little too good to be true, they probably are. Unscrupulous contractors often advertise steep discounts or promise that everything will be covered by your insurance and you won’t pay a penny out of pocket, only to slap you with high fees and unforeseen expenses, or leave you alone to deal with an insurance provider that will not cover the costs of repairs.

Requests for Up-Front Payment

A reputable contractor should be able to provide you with services and then bill you after the job is done. In some cases, they may require a small deposit in advance, but if your contractor is telling you to pay most or all of the bill upfront, it’s either a sign that they plan to take the money and run, or that they are not a very stable company and need money upfront to pay for materials—neither of which is a good sign.

Make sure you only work with licensed, reputable, local Roofers In Cypress, TX for any storm repairs that you need.