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4 Ways to Get Your Houston Roofing Ready for Summer

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about doing repairs, and adding a few roofing items to your spring cleaning/to-do list can help make sure that your home is prepared for the hot Texas weather to come. Here are four things you should do in the coming months for your Tomball TX roofing.

Clean Out the Gutters

They might not seem like an integral part of your roofing in Houston, but gutters are critical to protecting the shingles on your home. Without proper drainage, water backs up and sits on the shingles, leading to leaks in your attic. The runoff from the overflowing water in areas besides the downspout can also damage your landscaping and lead to pooling water around the foundation, which is a huge problem. Check for gutters that are clean and in good repair, and make sure to clean out the downspouts as well.

Inspect Areas Around the Shingles

A preventive maintenance plan can ensure that even small roof repairs are addressed immediately so they never turn into major roof leaks. While shingle inspection is important (more on that in a minute), it’s also important that you check the areas around shingles, such as the vents, chimney, and metal flashing that surrounds items protruding from your Houston TX roof.

Check and Repair Shingles

Winter and spring in Texas can be tough on your Cypress TX roofing, which is why spring inspection and repairs are so critical. Check for signs of damage on the shingles, such as torn, cracked, missing, loose, or curling shingles. If you see these things, get them repaired by a professional roofing contractor right away.

Check for Animal Damage

Animals can cause significant problems for your roofing in many different ways. During your inspection, check for:

  • Nests or other homes in chimneys or in ventilation areas
  • Insect nests under or around the shingles
  • Burrowing insects or animals that have managed to get into the attic through the eaves

If you find any of these things, it’s important to remove the animal(s) or insect(s) right away and call a roofing contractor to assess the damage and help take care of it for you.