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A Roof Inspection: Spotting Warning Signs

There are many signs that tell you your roof is starting to fail. More often than not, these signs go unnoticed until something really bad happens. You can make sure these signals are seen by scheduling a professional roof inspection. A professional inspection will ensure your roof lasts a long time because you will know about issues before they become unmanageable.

The Issues

When it comes to roofing in The Woodlands, there are a lot of signals that should tell you a repair or replacement is needed. An annual inspection can unmask some of the following issues:

  • Missing Shingles or Tiles
  • Leaks
  • Stains on Exterior Walls
  • Mold or Moss Growth
  • Missing Flashing
  • Sagging Roof Deck
  • Worn, Curled or Cracked Shingles
  • Stains on Underside of Roof Deck

Why is an inspection necessary to spot these warning signs? That answer is simple. Often homeowners don’t really know what they’re looking for until the problem is big. By calling in professionals, you’re ensuring the warning signs will be spotted.

The Fix

When these signs are caught early on, a Roof Repair In The Woodlands is likely what will be needed. If you let these issues fester without being addressed, you may end up having to replace your entire roof. This will cost you a lot more time and money than making the small, easy repairs would cost. Your roof is an expensive and important component of your house. Proper maintenance and repairs will ensure this feature lasts a long time and stays functional for a long time too.

The Need

The fact of the matter is you need to participate in certain maintenance steps if you want your roof to stay viable. You should have a professional roof inspection done at least once a year to keep your roof in top working order. Don’t let your roof get in disrepair because you don’t know what the danger signs are. Instead, work with a professional team to keep your roof at its best.