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Are black roofs hotter?

From a scientific point of view, light colors reflect heat while black color absorbs heat. So, do black colored roofs make the house hotter? In this article we will look at how a black roof affects the temperatures of your living space. Color and material have a significant impact on the heat of your roof.

Can the roof color contribute to the temperatures in the house?

Light-colored roofs reflect heat while black colored roofs absorb heat and transfer it into your house. Most people prefer dark-colored roofs because they warm the interior of the house. However, several other factors determine the temperatures inside your home. A dark roof won’t heat your house if you live in a frigid area.

Nonetheless, if you live in a warm area, a dark roof could make a considerable difference to things like energy bills. What happens is that the roof will absorb heat and transfer it to your interior, therefore reducing the amount of heating needed in your house. On the contrary, if you live in an extremely hot area, a light-colored roof will keep your home cool.

Here are things you can do to regulate your house temperatures if you have a dark-colored roof.

Proper Insulation

You can insulate your dark-colored asphalt roof to reduce the amount of heated transferred into the living space below. When the interior temperatures rise, the house becomes uncomfortable.

Instead of incurring a high energy bill by turning on your air conditioner to combat the excess heat, install insulation to act as a barrier that prevents hot air from reaching the living space.

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation will go a long way to remove hot air from the attic before it reaches your living space. The hot air will be replaced by fresh, cool air. When you have a well-ventilated house, the color of the roof is not a problem. There are several ways to ventilate the attic, and the design of your home determines the method to use.

If a dark-colored roof makes your living space uncomfortable, you can make your house more habitable with proper ventilation and insulation. Before installing a new roof, it is imperative to consult a professional roofing contractor about the best material, color, and design for your home. There are numerous reputable roofing contracts in the US, who have provided high-quality services to thousands of homeowners across the nation.