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Can You Put Metal Roof on Top of Shingles?

In purchasing a new roof, a wise choice could be to go with metal roofing. As with any major decision, various points should be considered. If you currently own a home with shingles, one point you may be considering is whether or not you are able to install metal roofing on top of your existing shingles.

Installing metal roofing on top of preexisting shingles is an option, but certain work must be done prior to installation to make sure the job is done well and according to the law.

Particular building codes exist for the city in which you live. Some of these building codes apply directly to roofing and specifically to reroofing a home. Typically you will find that reroofing over shingles is allowed, but differences can exist in laws pertaining to reroofing over a previous reroofing job.

If you find that the building code within your city allows you to reroof over shingles on your home, the next step could be to inspect your roof (or hire a professional if you are unaware of what to look for). In placing metal over preexisting shingles, it is important for your current roof to be structurally sound.

In examining your roof, professionals will look for leaks and areas that may need patched prior to the installation of the metal roof. Along with fixing leaks and making patches, areas in the roof with decay, rot, or sags will need to be addressed as your current structure will need to support the added weight.

If both the building codes in your city allow for you to reroof your home and the current structure of your roof is sound, the process of moving forward in choosing to place a metal roof over shingles may simply consist of whether or not the cost is an affordable option for you.

Some great benefits of placing metal over shingles are that it could save money on the overall cost of the project (as shingles will not need to be torn up and disposed of during installation) and that the added layer on the roof will help control the temperatures in your home.

Metal roofing is a proven material that is much more durable and will last considerably longer than its asphalt counterpart. When considering the pros and cons of reroofing with metal, you may find that such a decision would be the perfect next step.