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Causes Of A Dip In A Roof

When you stand at a distance and look at your roof, you want to see level and straight planes. If you have started noticing a dip or a sag on the roof, it’s time to reach a renowned roofer. There are several causes of dips and sags on a roof. Fortunately, most cases can be remedied with a shoestring budget, but others may need substantial repairs.

Homeowners should not overlook dips regardless of their size. If not attended to on time, they can threaten the integrity of their home’s interior. Don’t be tempted to conclude on your own. It’s only a person with vast knowledge in roofing that can determine the precise causes of low spots and sags in a roof.

Here are common causes of a dip or sag in a roof.

Impact Damage

A heavy object, such as a tree branch that falls on the roof, can disintegrate the decking’s underneath the area of impact. If the object is a little bit heavy, the trusses and rafters can be damaged too. Additionally, heavy hails can crack the decking’s and thus deteriorating the roof.

Structural Defects

Structural defects mainly occur due to the builders’ fault. In most cases, the defects are a result of home modifications that incapacitate the supporting components. For example, some homeowners remove part of a rafter to create room for a window or a skylight or the centerboards from trusses to expand the attic’s storage area.

Warped Decking

In some instances, the plywood used for decking can warp on the edges, especially if the roofer didn’t install the supporting clips correctly. Also, inadequate ventilation in the attic can cause warped decking.

Roof Leak

A leaky roof might cause the sheathing to rot and collapse, partially making the area to dip. In most cases, a roof dip due to a leak occurs near the dormer or the chimney. It is easy to identify collapsed sheathings from below. They tend to be dark and discolored and with mold growth.

How to Resolve Sags in A Roof

If you notice a dip in your roof, you should contact a renowned roofing contractor for roof repair. The professional will inspect your roof to determine the exact cause of the dip and advise you on whether the issue can be corrected immediately, or it should be postponed until when you will require to replace the entire roof.