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Do you need a permit to replace a roof in Texas?

There’s a lot that goes into owning a home. Besides paying the mortgage, home owner’s insurance, and general upkeep, you may have to replace the roof a few times. If you live in Texas, a permit is mandatory when replacing roofs on both residential properties and businesses.

City and county construction codes in the state of Texas must be strictly adhered to. Thankfully, the Texas Department of Insurance can answer all the pertinent questions. Any deviations could result in potential delays and fines down the road.

In the state of Texas, you are required to apply for a permit and pay an application fee. Fees vary from county to county. Once the application is approved, work can begin immediately.

It is advisable to hire a professional contractor to determine the extent of the work. Most contractors with a solid track record and work history can also provide you with the assistance you need. In fact, it is best that the contractor handle everything involving the permits.

In Texas, the following type of work needs a permit: new roof, re-roofing, or any other major roof repair. If only a minor repair is being performed such as replacing a few shingles, a new permit is not required.

Never try to get by without using a permit. This is the only way the work can be inspected. While an inspector is only required to ensure the work meets minimum state requirements, they can determine whether or not a contractor has performed the work properly.

If you are the homeowner, never attempt to replace the roof unless you have experience. You may save some money, but it’s not a good idea if you have limited knowledge.

Also, since requirements can be a bit complex, the contractor should understand every aspect before they start working.