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How Do You Know When You Need A New Roof?

Owning a home comes with a lot of comfort and luxury, but it can also be challenging to keep checking all components to ensure they are in good shape.

One of the areas that most homeowners forget to keep a close eye on is the roof. Some wait until the rainy season before discovering that the home has an issue.

Much as you may rely on the roof’s age before getting a new one, it would be best if you kept a close eye on the following signs so that you replace your roof before severe damages occur.

Sagging Shingles

Water is the main behind a sagging roof. Check the sagging areas and find out if they are soft and wet. If that is the case, then know that you have moisture damage on your roof.

You should replace your roof as soon as possible to avoid damages to your property and injuries to your household.

Leaks and Water Damage

During the rainy season, you may notice leaks from the roof. The water can damage your roof and cause it to rot in the interior.

If you notice water damage, get someone to inspect your roof and advise you on the way forward. There are high chances that you may need to replace your roof.

Dark Stains on the Walls

Another good sign that your roof needs a replacement is when you notice streaks and stains on the wall. It shows that your roof is leaking.

It would be best if you replaced it as soon as possible to avoid damaging your home’s interior and exterior walls.

Light through the Roof

You may notice unusual light in your home during the day due to cracks and holes on the roof. If left unattended, you will experience water in your home. This calls for the immediate replacement of your roof.

Broken Shingles

One of the easiest ways to tell that your roof needs a replacement is when there are pieces of shingles in the gutter.

The shingle granules will break due to the water damage and roof decay. Keep a close eye on the gutter and find out if there are shingle granules. If there are, get a new roof as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

The roof can get damaged both in the interior and exterior. Meaning, you should not only focus on one side and forget the other. Thorough inception from your roofing contractor can help you identify issues and find possible solutions.