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Is it OK to replace a roof in the winter in Texas?

The ideal times to fix a roof are autumn and spring, yet it’s not hopeless if the roof deteriorates in winter. Winters in Texas are cold with icy moments, yet it sprinkles in moderate winter days where it is possible to repair a roof. Unlike fall and spring, winter roofing requires strategic planning for successful project completion.

The Winter Roofing Challenges

Three reasons make winter roofing problematic. It is difficult to secure the shingles’ adhesive to the roof properly when it’s too cold. The nails in the nail gun have less puncture impact. The shingles material is also prone to breakage.

What Should I Do to Prepare?

Texas roofing experts will tell you the ideal temperatures for roofing year-round is between 40 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, there are winter days in Texas where the temperature rises above 40 degrees, so plan your roofing around those warmer days.

Texas is very likely to have several days of 40 plus degree temperatures in a row, and that’s important because the roof requires sealing that needs to settle for several days. Integrate winter’s shorter days and longer nights into roofing plans too.

An advantage during this challenging time is the prices. Roof repair companies have fewer jobs during the winter, so the prices for roof repair are affordable. As always, hire a licensed and insured roof repair company with the stellar experience to repair the roof.

What Should I Not Do?

What homeowners shouldn’t do is postpone roofing repair. The roof is at its most vulnerable because of heavy snow and ice weighing the roof down. This is on top of pounding impact from hail, sleet, rain, and wind occurring year-round. Furthermore, an already weakened roof will get weaker.

Roof failure can occur anytime. While the preference for roof failure is during spring and autumn, life doesn’t go as planned all the time. So, when a roof fails during the winter, know there’s a roofing company out there who will fix the problem.