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Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

The roof on your home is one of those things that you probably don’t think too much about until there is something wrong and you need to get repairs. The wrong time to start research whom to hire for your roofing contractor is when you have a roof emergency. Since it’s likely one of the biggest expenses that you will ever have, you need to make sure you take the time to hire only the best roofer in Houston, TX. Here are some key questions to ask when you’re ready to hire.

Do You Have a License and Proper Insurance?

In most states, a roofing contractor is required to have a license, although the laws vary by state and can even vary by municipal area within one state. Check with local and state government to find out what licensing is required in your area and make sure your roofer in Houston has that license. All roofers should also carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies—these protect your home and property and protect the workers in case of an accident so you won’t be liable to pay for damages or medical bills.

What Experience Do You Have?

You wouldn’t hire a car mechanic to fix your fancy sports car if he only worked on heavy farm equipment, and the same principle applies to roofing. If you hire someone whose only experience is with asphalt shingles but you want to have slate roofing installed, you might not get very good quality. Find out if your roofer has experience installing and maintaining the type of roofing you want.

What’s Your Phone Number and Address?

In places like Houston, where severe weather can hit and cause roofing damage, contractors sometimes come from other counties, and even other states, trying to drum up business. Not all these contractors are shady, but in some cases, one might take your money and never completes the work, or do such a poor job that you have to pay to get it fixed later. If the company’s not local you probably will have a hard time tracking them down if and when you do need something. Work with local companies to protect against scammers.

These questions can help you narrow the field of qualified contractors, and remember that once you have interviewed several roofers and selected the right one you need to get a contract in writing before they begin any work.