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Low Maintenance Siding: Fiber Cement

When it comes to home improvement projects, you have a lot of options. You have to pick the material that suits your needs and work with the siding or roofing company in Cypress, TX, that is right for you. For many homeowners, low maintenance is a key characteristic wanted in siding and roofing materials. Fiber cement siding is a great, low maintenance option because it offers:

  • Extra Stability: When fiber cement is introduced to heat, humidity, freezing, or water, it is able to remain strong and stable.
  • Thermal Shock Resistance: Fiber cement does not contract and expand as much as other siding options, which helps make it resistant to thermal shock.
  • Moisture Protection: You expect your Cypress siding to protect against moisture, and thanks to its moisture-resistance fiber cement can do exactly that.
  • Pest Resistance: There are many critters that enjoy eating away wood, but you do not have to have those worries when you have cement.
  • High Fire Rating: The fire rating of fiber cement siding in Cypress will depend on the manufacturer, but often it is rated as one of the most fire-resistant materials.
  • Less Need to Paint: This siding may come to you with a factory finish, but even if you paint it on your own, the paint tends to last longer because the siding does not contract and expand.

Whether you are working with a siding or roofing company in Cypress, TX, you likely want to pick out the materials that fit your budget and needs. Talk with your contractor about the maintenance needs of your options to get a better idea of what material will fit your lifestyle. Fiber cement is often thought of as one of the lowest maintenance siding options you can find, but it may come at a higher initial cost. Discuss the pros and cons of fiber cement siding with your contractor today.