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Prepare Your Windows for the Sun

Are your windows ten years old or older? They may no longer be able to keep the sun out as they should. Too much sun can lead to your home overheating. Sunlight can also wear down your furniture, flooring, and wall hangings. What can you do to prepare your home for the sun of summer? You should consider installing a reflective film, using shades, and putting in window replacements in Conroe, TX.

Reflective Films

This is a great option for those windows that aren’t too old. Maybe the products you or the previous owner put in have a poor solar heat gain coefficient. This means too much sun is being let through the panes. This can allow too much heat and sun fading to take place. A reflective film may be enough to prepare your home for the sun.


In certain parts of the country, curtains or roller shades may be able to help reduce the sunlight let into your home. Again, this is only a good option if your windows are in good shape. Otherwise, you’ll just be covering up your problematic Conroe windows.


Finally, you may need to replace your windows. If you do go with this option, you want to pick a product with a low SHGC. This is the element of the window designed to keep heat from leaking into your home. You should also consider windows that already have a film. Your windows should also be at least double-pane to ensure their insulation will be top-notch. Talk with contractors in Conroe to find out which path is really the best option for you and your home.

Keep the Sun Out

During the summer, too much sun in your home can make it hard to keep your home at an even temperature. Updating your windows may be a necessity. Window replacements in Conroe, TX, can be expensive, so you should only do this type of project if your current materials actually need to be replaced. You should always work with a professional for this type of project.