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What are the Two Types of Roofs?

The roof is among the first features people see when they visit your house, whether in a residential or commercial structure. For this reason, and for the occupants’ comfort and safety, you need to ensure that your roof is always in perfect condition.

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Why would you need Roofing Services?

As a homeowner, you are supposed to be vigilant. Do not wait until your roof starts leaking, or you see paddles on your floor.

Some signs that you may need roof repair of replacement include:

  • Too much growth of mold and moss on the roof surface
  • Your roof decking is sagging or staining on its underside
  • Shingles and tiles that are worn out missing, cracked, or curled
  • Loose or no flashing around the vents and chimneys

Too many leaks

There are two types of roofs: Flat and sloping roofs. We shall look at each one individually.

Flat Roofs

This roofing system design was widespread in arid and semi-arid areas where there is no much rain. Flat roofs are ideal in such places because water drainage is of secondary importance. Such areas include the Middle East and Southwest America.

In the 19th century, flat roofs gained popularity in the rest of America and Europe. Roofers used structural steel and concrete as waterproof roofing materials, which contributed to flat roofs’ practicality.

Soon after, these types of roofs became the most common top covers for offices, warehouses, and other commercial buildings. Flat roofs were even used in some residential buildings.

Sloping Roofs

When I talk about sloping roofs, I refer to the other roofing covers that are not flat. The lean-to (shear), with only one slope, is the simplest sloping roof. Gable or pitched roof has two sloping sides that join to form “A”.

Gable roofs have been in use since the construction of ancient Greece temples. Additionally, for thousands of years, it has been used in most domestic buildings in northern Europe and the Americas. A hip or hipped roof is a type of gable roof whose ends are sloped instead of vertical.

Gambrel is another gable roof with two slopes on either side, but the lower slope is steeper than the upper one. Other types of sloping roofs include the dome, the vault, the mansard, among others.