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What Does the Summer Sun Do to Your Roof?

Heat plays a big role in all of Texas, and that is not always a positive thing. For example, heat can damage your roof, especially if you do not take the time for proper maintenance. In order to really understand the importance of maintenance done by a roofing company in Houston, TX, you need to get a better appreciation of what the summer sun does to your roof.

Thermal Shock

Even during Texas summers, the nights can still get cool. This change in temperature causes what is known as thermal shock. The materials on your roof have to expand and contract as the temperature changes, which can leave your roof cracked, warped, and ready to split. Roofers in Houston know the signs of thermal shock, so they may be able to give you better maintenance tips.

Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet light is a special kind of radiation given off from the sun best known for its link to skin cancer. Your roofing materials might also be damaged by these UV rays. These rays may cause your roof to become dry and brittle because the protective oils are dried out. When these oils are lost, your roof actually becomes less waterproof and more likely to start to decay. In other words, UV rays may hasten the need for a Houston roof repair.


UV and thermal shock are not the only sun factors you have to worry about. The intense summer heat may cause the breakdown of the oils to occur with more speed. Because the breakdown is accelerated, your roof is more likely to become weak during the summer. If your attic ventilation is subpar, the summer heat can come at your roof from both sides speeding up the process even more.

Make a Plan

The summer sun can be detrimental to your roof. If you want to ensure it has a long life, you need to make a maintenance plan with your roofing company in Houston, TX.