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What Should I Ask A Roofer?

A home is probably one of the most valuable investments you have. When planning to repair or replace your roof, you’d want to ensure that you hire the most qualified contractor for the job. Here are the questions you should ask the roofer before you hire him/her.

How Many Years of Experience do You Have in the Industry?

It is crucial to find out the number of years the roofer has in the sector. Since there are many roofers out there, you wouldn’t want to risk hiring someone who’s done fewer projects or has fewer years of experience. Ask the contractor for his/her track record and the number of customers serviced within those years.

What Best Materials can I Use on My roof?

A professional roofer should know all roofing materials’ features and advise you on the best roof based on your climate. The roofer should also explain why you should prefer certain roof types over others and the cost for each.

What are Your Project Timelines?

A roofer should know the timelines expected to complete the project. You have other things to attend to, and you would not want to hire someone who cannot work within the agreed timelines.

Also, the roofing materials can get damaged if the project takes time. However, let the roofer choose the most suitable and reasonable timelines that favor both your schedules.

How Do I Get Updated Throughout The Project?

As a project owner, you need to stay updated about every step of the project to keep you involved to the end. In this case, you should ask the roofer how you’ll stay informed and the channels of communication that the roofer will use. Ensure it is something you are comfortable with.

How Long Should I Expect the Roof to Last?

Different roofs have variable lifespans. The average range is between 20 to 50 years, depending on the material. Ask the roofer how long you should expect your roof to last. The roofer should give you a guarantee of the average number of years that your new roof will last.

Are you licensed and Insured?

Even though the roofing project may not consume a lot of time, do not overlook the importance of hiring a roofing company that has licenses and insurance.

The roofer should be able to prove to you that the company has valid licenses. When you hire an insured roofer, you’ll avoid paying money for damages or injuries that occurred during the project.

Should I Expect A Written Estimate?

Before you commit to a roofing company, the roofer needs to provide a roofing estimate in written form for transparency purposes and avoid future problems. If the roofer is not willing to provide a written estimate, it could be a red sign, and you need to move on with your search.