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Why Is Roof Removal Important?

As you think about getting a roof replacement, you may be looking for any way possible to save money. Some contractors may offer a new roof without roof removal. While this is not always the wrong choice, there are certain times that it is an important step to take.

Remove Extra Weight

Your roof was designed to hold a certain amount of weight. You may not realize it, but roofing materials can be quite heavy. When you tear off your old roof, you are removing extra weight, which could reduce the stress on your roofing system. Because of the potential added weight, some states actually don’t allow for there to be more than one layer of asphalt shingles. You will want to check with the codes in your area before making a decision.

See Underlying Problems

If your roofers decide to put your new materials over your existing roof, they may not be able to see the problems that are underneath. If water damaged the roof deck, you will want to fix that problem to ensure your new roof lasts a long time. No matter how high quality your roofing materials are, you need to have a solid base.

Avoid Warranty Invalidation

Finally, adding a new roof on top of an old one may void the warranty of your roofing materials. Before you make any big decisions about leaving your old roof on, you may want to double-check this information. A roof warranty can give you peace of mind, but not if it is void.

Work With Knowledgeable Contractors

As you try to make these big decisions related to your new roof, you need to work with a knowledgeable team. The right Roofing Company In The Houston, TX area may be able to give you necessary information about the pros and cons of tearing off an old roof. Talk with a few different contractors before you sign a contract, so you can make sure you are picking a company you can trust with your roofing project.